Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said that he has no intention of leaving the Premier League in the immediate future.

He stated that he is a competitive person and that he wants to manage in the best league in the world.

The Portuguese manager has denied reports that he might be moving to China when he leaves Manchester United. He admitted that there is some good money to be made by managing in China but he said that he is more interested in the footballing aspect of management. He stated that he is unlike many people and that he is more interested in winning games than to make money.

The Manchester United boss said that he always wants to play against the best managers in the world and he feels that the best way to do it is to manage in the Premier League.

He said that he is still young and that he still have time to move to China when is near retirement but at the moment he wants to manage where it is most difficult to win.

Jose Mourinho also said that he does not want to switch to another club as he wants to bring back the glory days at Manchester United. He believes that he has the necessary experience and skills to manage in the Premier League and he wants to win trophies with Manchester United just as he did with Chelsea.

He said that Manchester United are improving quickly and that there is no doubt that they should be able to compete for a place in next year’s competitive. He admitted that this is the most difficult Premier League season he has ever participated and that this is an additional motivation for him. He said that his players are ready for a fight and that they are keen to win matches.