Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich believes that the club should cash in on the popularity of Robin van Persie – at this moment in time – in order to allow striker Wayne Rooney to prosper. After being experimented in a number of positions across the pitch, Rooney started to prosper when he was utilised as the striker was the end of last season. This is likely to be his permanent position under Louis van Gaal. This would mean that United may not have the in a first-team opportunities to satisfy a player like van Persie. There has been interest from Turkey and this is an ideal opportunity to sell the player according to Mark Bosnich.

Van Persie is believed to have agreed personal terms with Fenerbahce. He will sign a contract worth around £ 250,000 per week if he is allowed to move. This would represent a significant jump over his current wages. However, United will not be getting a significant portion of the £ 24 million that they paid to Arsenal for his signature almost 3 years ago. Instead, Fenerbahce will pay only around £ 5 million and this is seen as a bargain signing by the Turkish club since van Persie is only 31 years old. The exit of van Persie could help Rooney to improve even more according to Bosnich.

“Robin van Persie missed a lot of last season for various reasons. Louis van Gaal worked a system out while he wasn’t playing and Wayne Rooney is basically taking up the position RVP would play. When he first came to the club there was a lot of talk whether the pair could play together. Rooney has had to play a sacrificial role sometimes, whether that’s for Cristiano Ronaldo, or Van Persie. Being captain though, I don’t think Van Gaal will be willing to move him around. It might be time for United to cash in on Van Persie,” said Bosnich.