Louis van Gaal is absolutely certain that his squad is not in need of a new striker despite seeing them only being able to score 3 goals in 4 matches. At this point in time, all the clubs of the Premier League have so far played 4 games and Manchester United is one of the squads that have scored less goals.

The only other Premier League clubs that at this point in time have scored fewer goals than Manchester United are: Liverpool, Newcastle United and Watford. This is something that should start to worry the fans of Manchester United and the manager himself but the Dutch coach believes that he has everything he needs to compete for the league title.

Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal said that he has plenty of options at his disposal and the only reason that he would sign a new striker would be if he’s world class as the Dutch manager said: “I have a lot of options. I have chosen Chicharito Hernandez, because he is another type from Rooney, and we have also Fellaini, who is another type, and then I have Wilson and Januzaj, so I don’t think we need a striker. If he is the best striker in the world then, yes, we need him, but if he cannot contribute in our eyes, then we won’t buy any striker. But when he does, we shall buy.”

During the debut season of Louis van Gaal as the manager of Manchester United, he was heavily critiqued for implementing a playing style which was labeled as boring and this is due to United winning and playing matches where they did not score many goals. The team of Louis van Gaal performed in an uninspiring way and this is how they have been performing in this new season.

Fans of the club aren’t particularly happy to see Manchester United play in such a bland and dull way but they might just continue performing in this way unless a new signing or a big change occurs with Louis van Gaal and his team and maybe even with their mentality.